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AcroYoga Friday Night Jam!        

​Friday March 31st, 8:00pm - midnight

All are welcome to come play with us!  Only $5 per student!    

No need to bring a partner - we've got you covered!  Come one, come all!​

Accomplish something you thought impossible, laugh your head off, and enjoy the good-feelings of connecting with others - Oxytocin, dopamine, adrenaline, endorphins - absolutely the best use of a Friday night! Join us for open-play, goofiness, rad skills and new friends! Acro (acroyoga, acrobatics, acro-dance) :)

Physics and Poetry. AcroYoga practice session making shapes. AcroYoga is the harmonious combination of the Fun and energy of acrobatics, the wisdom and connectivity of Yoga and the Loving Kindness and healing attributes of Thai massage. In AcroYoga Strong people do not put others down. They lift others up.

Anyone is welcome to join no matter their experience, beginner friendly. All levels of acro yoga are welcome and you do not have to bring a partner. This is a $5 (donation based jam to help cover the studio cost/AC). Plenty of close free parking.

Here's a video that explains "What is AcroYoga?" that should help give an idea of what to expect from Texas AcroJams:  https://youtu.be/AakoEVKizLY

                             Investment:  Only $5!           Register in-studio or on-line

Weekend Events

Free Yoga Classes

Curious about yoga? Want to experience the rejuvenating qualities of Far-Infrared Heat?  Come see us for a Free Class!

Our next Free Classes will be April 1st, 2017,  1:00-2:00pm

Please arrive at 12:45 to allow time to register and get settled in so we can start class promptly at 1:00.

                The Yoga of Money         

           Saturday, April 15, 2017      

                   1:00-4:00 pm

Now is the time to remember your true birthright of divine abundance.

How can you obtain attain samadhi (or a state of union with the divine) if you are worried about your finances?  The majority of people in the U.S. have been living paycheck to paycheck. Their current inner financial programming and money management skills have been born out of the cultural trance that most people have been living in. This trance has been composed of fear, scarcity, lack of self-worth and the assumption that there is not enough.  


Yoga is the science of quieting your mind, so that you can experience the bliss of your own being.  So the question is, how can you find ease, balance and flow your finances?  How can you extend yoga into your financial life? How can you engage your current financial patterns consciously and transform self- sabotage and limiting beliefs into new states of abundance and financial freedom?

Your answers are within you.  In you asana practice, you are increasing your awareness of yourself and your capacity to transform uncomfortable feeling states. The can be applied to your finances as well. Money is not the problem. Your unconscious limiting beliefs about money have been the culprit in your financial challenges. In addition, your own sense of self-worth is tied to your net worth.

Money has the power to be a profound spiritual teacher—if we are willing to engage it consciously.
Receive this powerful training in spiritual laws and utilize these laws to build wealth and abundance now and continuously.

  • Have money be a powerful spiritual tool for you.
  • Learn how the chakras, the health of your body and your money are related.  Learn how to turn on your money chakra.
  • Discover how Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, composed around 200 CE, hold great lessons to be applied in our fiscal dealings.
  • Integrate and utilize Yoga’s ethical precepts in your financial life.
  • Transform old unconscious mantras into empowering mantras that create new states of abundance.
  • Learn how to “catch” self sabotage before it acts.
  • Realize YOUR True God Value.

Join us for this fun and enlightening course and enjoy your new relationship with yourself and your money! Get your prosperity on! Have fun and ease in your finances. Take your yoga into your finances!

                                                   Workshop will include a restorative yoga practice. Wear yoga clothes and bring your mat.

                                                                 Investment: 55.00               Facilitator: Honor Godin    www.honorgodin.com