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Who's teaching this class? 

Hi, I'm Katrina Epps and I love sharing the
good news of natural healing and health!
I have a premed degree from Texas ATM and
a nursing degree from Baylor University so I am
very science/fact minded. I have studied the benefits
​of whole food nutrition and helping ur body help itself
using food for over 18 years - but it wasn't until I went to
South Africa on vacation and witnessed their use of essential oils
and plant products for VIRTUALLY everything, that I started looking
​further into the benefits of essential oils. 

Once I learned the chemistry and science behind how and why essential oils do what they do, had witnessed first hand the amazing benefits and how easy and inexpensive it was to detox my home/personal care products bc of the damage they are causing on our short and long term health, and had done my homework on the many different essential oil companies out there ... my passion was ignited and I couldn't stop myself from sharing how life changing these oils and products are for our family. 

There are so many reasons I desire EVERYONE to empower themselves with education ... you only get one earth suit, it is VITAL you do what you can to promote the health of yours. We are surrounded by toxins and chemicals throughout our home, personal care products, environment and food that are SO DAMAGING to our health!! IF u have the power to remove those toxins from inflicting damage on yourself and your family - why wouldn't you?!? But first u have to know what ur looking for - did u know that there is NO regulation of toxic ingredients in our stuff ... it is alarming the amount of funk even in ur organic/"so called" natural products!! I am honored to be able to get u more information and look forward to answering all your questions. KNOW BETTER, DO BETTER! LIVE EMPOWERED - YOUR HEALTH IS WORTH IT!

Baby Steps to Clean, Natural Living

Saturday, October 27th    1:00-2:30pm

FREE Class!

Are you curious about natural ways to improve your and your family's health?

Do you want to ditch the toxins in your home but not sure what to do?

Join us to learn easy ways to exchange toxic products for natural ones and enjoy a healthier YOU!

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Weekend Events and Specialty Classes

Meditation Group
Stay tuned for our next meeting.

When you think you don't have time to meditate
is the time when it can most benefit you. 

Meditation has so many benefits, and meditation
in a group can help bring enthusiasm to your daily practice. 

Come spend an hour with like-minded individuals and learn
how to make meditation work for you. Beginners and people
​who already have a practice will enjoy this class. 

We'll discuss the process of meditation and meditate as a group. 

This class is by donation only. That means we desire you to attend whether you have $3 or $300.... Suggested donation between $5-$20 is typical for an hour class. 

We look forward to raising the consciousness of our community through meditation and we'll see you soon!