This 2 hour workshop will help you smooth out and untie all the knots
in your physical, emotional and mental body. 
Restorative yoga, aromatherapy, massage, reiki and more! 
​Partnering up to bring you the most relaxing experience possible, Luke & Shamron will facilitate this amazing workshop: 

     Luke is a licensed massage therapist and will be providing gentle neck and foot massages during relaxing restorative poses.​     
     Shamron will be providing reiki (energy healing) during your restorative postures. 

Both teachers have been teaching in the Cypress area for more than 7 years and have a "less is more," gentle, meditative approach to restoring your mind and body. 
This class will be unlike any you've experienced before.  Arrive with an open mind and be prepared to be pampered . . .

    $45 for 2 hours of Bliss.  Space is limited. Register

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Simmer Down & Soothe Your Soul . . . 
​Restorative Workshop

Saturday, July 21st  1:30-3:30pm