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Curious about yoga? Want to experience the rejuvenating qualities of Far-Infrared Heat?  Come see us for a Free Class!

Our next Free Classes will be April 1st, 2017,  1:00-2:00pm

Please arrive at 12:45 to allow time to register and get settled in so we can start class promptly at 1:00.

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Our real job as parents is to “parent” how WE FEEL about what our children are doing.

Whether you have young children, teens or adults, this course is designed for you. Being present to what you are feeling can transform your relationship with your child and with yourself. Parenting is about staying present and loving how YOU feel. It’s about self awareness. Learn to tune in to yourself so you can tune in to your child. Create a climate of consciousness in your home, for and with your children. Explore the power in setting boundaries. Empower yourself so you may truly empower your children.

  • Find the sweet spot of the present moment where all possibility exists
  • Learn how your relationship with yourself greatly influences your children.
  • Recommit to modeling healthy communication, high self- esteem and personal security.
  • Learn how to “catch” self sabotage before it acts.
  • Remember how to restore trust, security and integrity in your family.
  • Enjoy respectful and empowering relationships with your children.

These discoveries can be immediately integrated into your life.

What to expect:

  • Very dynamic, powerful and interactive group discussion.
  • Powerful “one on one” coaching within the presentation.
  • Experience a major upgrade of your limiting, beliefs into your highest choices.
  • Home exercises to implement upon completion of the class.

Join us for this fun and enlightening course and enjoy your new relationship with yourself and your children!

Investment: 55.00          Register in-studio or

Facilitator: Honor Godin       www.honorgodin.com

Free Yoga Classes

FREE Guided Meditation Classes           

Don't miss out! Our last Free Meditation Class is Sunday, February 19th  8:00-8:30am

Please let us know in person or via email if you love these meditation classes and want more!

Whether you're participating in our 40 Day Transformation Challenge or just want some help to learn
​how to quiet your mind & find some peace, these FREE sessions are for YOU!