Steve Villanueva Skees

I invite people of all fitness levels to join my yoga class! Yoga is for absolutely EVERYONE and most importantly, yoga is here to make the entire world a better place. My aim is to guide you through more than just a physical exercise. I want you to really cultivate the mind/body connection. I want you to test your will; to look within; to find your edge. I want you reflect on everything positive in your life and all you have to be grateful for. In my class we will have a blast building strength and increasing range of motion in the body. You will leave feeling refreshed from the inside out as we also focus on self-awareness and strong, diaphragmatic breathing.

My yoga journey began in a Bikram Yoga studio back in 2010. That very first class humbled me and left me with much to think on. Was I really that out of shape? Am I really that stiff? Am I really that weak? I felt slightly embarrassed because I couldn’t even touch my toes. Still, I was also challenged in such an intense way like never before. I’m the type of person that loves a challenge so I wanted to go back and test my body against that workout again. Only this time, I felt like yoga was challenging my very existence! My flexibility, strength, balance, breath, thoughts, all stimulated at the same time! As I continued to go to yoga class, I started to notice my body open up, my balance become more reliable, some pounds started to shed and I noticed an increase in my muscle stamina. I could feel subtle differences in my physiology that motivated me to develop a consistent practice. Before long, I was hooked. Eventually, I left Bikram and sought out different styles of yoga in order to deepen my personal practice. In 2016, after practicing yoga in different studios all over Houston, I became a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Black Swan Yoga Houston’s first Teacher Training program.

As my personal yoga practice continues to evolve, I look forward to sharing what I learn with my classes in hope of I hope we are all doing yoga together for a very long time! Take good care of yourself and hope to see you soon.

Peace comes from within :-)