What our students say:

"I love Shelley's classes! She is always so interactive with the students and always teaches a good progression of the poses."

"Shelley always makes us feel so comfortable in class.  I came in as a beginner and I felt so welcomed from the very start."

"I love the way she guides us through every pose, her voice, her explanation of the poses."

Shelley Hilton

In 1995, yoga was suggested to me in an attempt to find relief from chronic back pain.

I had been in four serious car accidents by the age of seventeen and as a result, my back was in pretty bad shape. After my first class...I was hooked! My back was feeling stronger and I knew this was just what I needed. Not only for the physical benefits, but for the mental as well.

After six years of practice, I felt the desire to teach and share this gift with others. I attended The Yoga Institute and received certification from Lex Gillan and Raye Lynn Rath in 2001. Since then, I have encountered and learned from so many wonderful people who all share the same passion. In lodges, lounges, studios and dojos...to front yards, back rooms, hippies and bankers. It's a fun ride. It's truly been a blessing to watch students grow within their practice and tune into their bodies. Young and old alike, it's a benefit to all.