Benefits of P.E.M. Flooring:

  -  Safe, textured slip-resistant surface provides sure footing and optimum safety

  -  Shock absorbing cushion for less stress on the body and less risk of injury

  -  Porous construction allows ventilation to prevent stagnant water buildup

  -  Designed to allow for moisture evaporation, which prevents mildew, fungi and bacteria growth.

  -  Non-Porous/Water-proof Material does not absorb water nor stay wet like carpet

  -  Contains Micro-Chek® Anti-Microbial, a non-leachable biocide that further guards against the growth of mildew, fungi and bacteria.

  -  Does not release particles, filaments, or harmful outgases like carpet, providing a dust-free, less-toxic, and hypoallergenic environment.

PEM Yoga Floor is specifically designed to withstand high heat, moisture and humidity – Perfect for hot yoga studios!

PEM Yoga Flooring is made out of PVC, which is the same material used to make yoga sticky mats but without the foam bubbles that can retain water and sweat. It is about the same hardness as the bottom of a sneaker. It is shock absorbent, so if someone were to accidentally fall on it they would be much less likely to be injured compared to hardwood floors or even carpet. However, it is not a cushion and not soft like rubber, fitness tiles or foam matting. It is the perfect density! It provides a solid and firm foundation for practicing yoga.

PEM Yoga Flooring is an environmental enhancement solution that virtually eliminates odors, moisture problems, and the hazards associated with other toxic flooring products. PEM Yoga Flooring is clean, safe, and hypo-allergenic.

Carpet was not designed for uses around continuous extreme moisture. The average Hot Yoga Studio needs to steam clean their carpet every 2 months, and replace it every 5 years or less. Because carpet never seems to completely dry, mold, mildew and harmful bacteria flourish in the warm and moist breeding area that your students lay on. Even after regular cleaning the musty smell can linger on and can be quite unbearable.

Wood flooring is slippery when wet and therefore hazardous. There are 3 choices for wood flooring. You can lay down cork, unsealed wood (it will rot and deteriorate in just a few short years) or regular sealed wood. When cork or sealed wood gets wet, it becomes extremely slippery and dangerous. Even the most experienced Yogis could easily slip off their yoga mat and onto the floor during a difficult pose. Many experienced teachers feel that practicing yoga on a hard floor over long periods of time can be detrimental to the body.

There are numerous choices for rubber and vinyl matting on the market. The pools of sweat that accumulate on the surface of these floors is... well it is gross. It is next to impossible to leave the room after a large class without stepping in someone else's pool of sweat. In addition, they are just as slippery as a bathtub when they get wet; even the ones that claim to be slip-resistant. In addition, most of these alternatives are laid down like square tiles or narrow rolls, leaving numerous seams where water can seep in underneath, resulting in the same unhealthy situation as carpet where bacteria and mold flourish underneath the matting.

P.E.M. Yoga Flooring is uniquely different. Because of its porous looping construction, it provides superior traction and footing like a good snow tire. It never allows moisture to pool together or get trapped underneath.  Focus on your yoga practice and know that our floor is here to support you gently, firmly, safely.


P.E.M. Yoga Floor

Our yoga room floor may be something you’ve never seen before!  
Soft enough to be gentle on your joints and firm enough to stick that tree pose!