Evelyn Aucoin

Yoga has been a key part of my life since 1998. I started yoga to relieve severe back pain, and continued to practice for what it did for my mind and spirit. As a successful business person and entrepreneur over the last twenty-five years, I am now ready for the next phase of my professional career in the yoga, fitness and wellness industry.

My personal mission is founded on helping others. Through my professional career I have helped hundreds of peers find employment, served as a mentor, leader and friend. That mission underlies the purpose for this next phase of my professional life. As a speaker and trainer, I have shared my personal and professional experiences and knowledge with numerous groups, including college-bound first-generation Americans, professional societies, and Dress for Success, which helps women re-entering the workforce with a hand-up in place of a hand-out.

I am a wife, mom, equestrian and artist, with a passion to help others stress less and live in the moment more.

What our students say:

"I really enjoy Evelyn's class. She's very knowledgeable and has a good sense of humor."

"What a great way to start my day! Just plain awesome!"