40 Days to Personal Revolution

This program is amazing!!! We'll use the format from the book 40 Days to Personal Revolution by Baron Baptiste 

FREE program - You only pay for your classes!!! 

In this program we'll meet once a week on Saturdays from 1pm-1:45pm to discuss our theme
​for the week, and provide for group support, plus a guided meditation. 

Each week includes: 
A yoga practice to do every day
Principles to cleanse your diet, along with an eating plan
Instructions to begin and deepen a meditation practice 
Excavation questions to root out limiting beliefs and patterns.

During these 40 days our daily classes will be infused with the theme of the week, you'll have sequences
​to use if you can't always make it to the studio so that you are supported every step of the way! 

Weekly meditation, Turn up & Tune in - Saturdays at 1pm. 

DEC. 30TH - Releasing 2017 Ceremony & Meditation
Get your book and course materials, learn details of the program!
Form Your Team of Accountability 
Guided Meditation
The Laws of Transformation - The Foundation of your Revolution

The Transformative Journey - 40 Days to Personal Revolution
Meet date & Start of Week: 
JANUARY 6TH - Week #1 - Presence
JANUARY 13th - Week #2 - Vitality 101
JANUARY 20th - Week #3 - Equanimity
JANUARY 27th - Week #4 - Restoration 
FEBRUARY 3RD - Week #5 - Centering 
FEBRUARY 10TH - Week #6 - Triumph 
FEBRUARY 17TH - After the Revolution - Celebration Party

We have some pretty sweet prizes for those who complete the program!!!! 
Ways to WIN: 
Take 30 classes in 40 days at the studio. 
Show up to all Saturday meditation meetings
Enthusiastic Participation

We encourage everyone to jump on this opportunity to be supported and uplifted by your community! 

I'll be joining you in your 40 day journey and guiding you on throughout the whole process. Call or email if you have any questions! 

Gratitude, Shamron 
& The whole team @ Suntouch Yoga

Book for sale at the front desk: $14 + Tax 
Purchase any regular package to play - If you are already a member, awesome join in the fun!!! 
30 classes in 90 days + Book = $360