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Our yoga room flooring is something you may have never seen before!  Read about it here.

We are so fortunate to have a team of dedicated individual instructors who are passionate about teaching yoga.   We are so proud of and thankful for our amazing teachers!

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Practice regularly? Travel a lot? Brand new to our studio? There's a class package to fit your need!

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Yoga + Far-Infrared Heat = Awesome YOU!

Why Far-Infrared?

Far-Infrared is the 'chi' energy in humans and animals, also emitted from sunlight. When we increase our "chi," we increase our wellness.

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Whether you're it's your first time on a yoga mat or you've been practicing for years, we've got classes for you!

Learn to meditate, empower your life, play with us!  Check here for what's happening on a Saturday afternoon at Suntouch!

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